S128 Cockfighting With Via Linkaja Transactions, Is The Latest Transaction Method provided By The Official S128 Party .

S128 Cockfighting With Via Linkaja Transactions

LinkAja Is a New Idea from the Indonesian Government to Compete in Cashless or E-Money Competition.

LinkAja is an application that provides convenience and comfort in meeting transaction needs for all levels of society.

LinkAja is a financial technology product that synergizes Indonesian proud companies, namely HIMBARA (Association of State-Owned Banks - including Bank Mandiri), Telkomsel, and Pertamina, so that Transaction Security can be ensured within.

Actually Linkajah Application Has the Same Way of Working Exactly with OVO or GOPAY, the difference is that LinkAja is a BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise) while its competitors are Private-Owned Enterprises.

We Will Discuss What Are the Specialties When Playing Using LinkAjah on S128 Site,

1. You Can Play and Register Without Using a Local Bank Account
2. You Withdraw By Providing LinkAja Phone Numbers
3. The way is very easy, which has a minimum balance of 105,000 = 100 thousand is a minimum balance to withdraw funds in ATM and 5000 is the cost of adm disbursement in the ATM machine
4. You Simply Go to the Bank which is HIMBARA, then to the tab Pull Balance, and Cash Withdrawal at the ATM.
5. Then the application will send a Transaction Code to withdraw cash at the ATM to your LinkAja application.

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